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Billions of years in the making, Western Australia is one of the most ancient lands on the planet. Mother Nature went to work on Western Australia’s landscape billions of years ago, forming the reef and the rock formations that now offer some of nature’s most incredible adventure playgrounds, including World Heritage listed Karijini National Park and the magnificent cave formations of Margaret River.

As the second largest state in the world, Western Australia’s sunny climate has shaped some of the world’s most biodiverse landscapes. From the Mediterranean climate in the south, desert in the east and tropical conditions in the north, WA can confidently claim to be the rarest of things – a year-round holiday destination.

While Western Australia covers one third of the Australian continent, over half of the nation’s biodiversity hotspots and a significant percentage of its unique flora and fauna thrive here. As well as being home to iconic Australian animals, such as red kangaroos and crocodiles, WA has 141 of Australia’s 207 mammal species, 439 reptile species, 1,600 fish species and more than 12,000 species of wildflowers – making it the largest collection of wildflowers in the world.

With all these facts, you are sure to have an incredible experience from North to South, Capital City to West. Together with Aussie Perth Tours, you will define the “Best of the West” experience more beautiful than photographs…

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We provide airport transfers to anywhere in Western Australia, any group size, any time… Guaranteed service plus on-the-ground handling and 24/7 customer support.


From backpackers, 3 star, 4 star, 5 star hotel anywhere in Western Australia, we will provide the best rates, equal or competitive prices to suite your holiday lifestyle.

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Best tour arrangements for you and your group, what ever your liking or interest, group size or meal requirements… we are your one-stop-shop for every private or exclusive tours.

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Perth, Western Australia

A glance to your incredible experience..

Perth is Australia’s only capital city where you can enjoy the beach lifestyle, relax in natural bushland, sample world-class local wines and watch an ocean sunset within just 30 minutes of the city. It’s also the sunniest state capital, averaging 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and boasting a string of 19 beautifully clean and uncrowded beaches. Situated beside the Swan River, Perth is a living picture postcard, with the best views of all from Kings Park and Botanic Garden – one of the biggest inner-city parks in the world.

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From personalised tours, to your accommodation and dietary requirements and whenever you want your dream holiday is, Aussie Perth Tours will be your one-stop-shop for all tours and holiday packages in Western Australia. What ever your group size maybe, or which group you belong to, from Corporate or Business, Sports and Recreations, Nature Lovers, Educational or Government, Family or Friends, Adventure seeker or somebody looking for new experience, we cater for all your travel and tour needs. Offering a wide variety of tours, packages and short-breaks, you will never get bored. More that sightseeing, we relive the experience every time!
Extraordinary experience that will be remember for a life time. We are keen to provide you with the most valuable memories on your holiday.

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